IRI Insight – September 2015

IRI Insight: The Millennial Generation

What’s more difficult for Millennials: retirement planning or maintaining a diet? A new research study by IRI and the Center for Generational Kinetics shows that the majority of Millennials find retirement planning to be the more challenging feat. Moreover, few Millennials are planning for retirement, even though 68 percent indicate they are saving. As explained in the Insight by T. Rowe Price’s Patrick Delaney, Millennials save, invest and engage in different ways than prior generations, which will require financial professionals to rethink their engagement strategies. This includes revisiting how workplace retirement plans, and auto features in particular, are set up to ensure they are working for Millennials. Learn more about IRI’s research and Millennial engagement strategies in the September Insight.

Also in the September issue of the IRI Insight:

  • The Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule proposal: As the rulemaking processes moves forward, IRI testifies twice during a public hearing on the proposal, during which IRI Chairman Nick Lane of AXA states that without important changes there “will be significant negative consequences” for savers.
  • Two takes on retirement: New surveys of advisors and clients – by Jefferson National and Franklin Templeton – provide fresh perspectives on consumers’ attitudes toward retirement. Jefferson National CEO Mitchell Caplan and Franklin Templeton’s Tim Buckeridge break down the studies and explain what issues are concerning clients today.
  • Grow your business by taking a holistic approach: John Kennedy and Brian Kroll of Lincoln Financial discuss how taking a holistic approach to financial planning – one that covers accumulation, wealth protection, distribution of income and wealth transfer – can be the key to growing your business.
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