IRI Insight - March 2015

IRI Insight: Tax Season Special  

While many are fixated on their college hoops brackets, we’re focusing on some different brackets. During the height of tax filing season, the IRI Insight provides fresh perspectives on why your clients may be paying more in taxes than in the past and how strategies using annuities can help your clients manage the impact of new taxes. As part of this series, Jackson National’s Katie Turner examines the impact of new taxes and the need for tax bracket management, while Prudential’s Robert Fishbein explores the tax benefits of variable annuities and Jefferson National’s Mitchell Caplan outlines a new approach to tax planning with IOVAs. 

Also in the March issue of the IRI Insight:
  • Lincoln Financial Distributors’ Andrew Bucklee discusses how advisors can help clients protect their wealth by helping them plan for their long-term care needs, and Forethought’s Simeon Hernandez provides a primer on how hybrid products can be used as part of a long-term care strategy. 
  • IRI President and CEO Cathy Weatherford provides an update for financial professionals on the Department of Labor’s efforts to advance a revised fiduciary rule proposal.
  • After interest rates have hovered near historic lows for several years, rising rates could be looming. To help your clients navigate a rising rate environment, Roger Bayston of the Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group, looks at which fixed income sectors can provide diversification, reduce interest-rate risk and may provide potentially strong performance. 
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