Six Model Behaviors for Tax Planning Season

With tax season arriving, Prudential’s Robert Fishbein outlines six practices that can help filers better navigate the process. Share these tips with your clients to help them prepare and better manage their tax filings.

Creating a Culture that Values Saving for Retirement

As National Save for Retirement Week begins, Prudential’s Bruce Ferris believes it’s time to reset our nation’s savings culture. He says vast progress is underway in the marketplace to make planning more understandable and savings more attainable.

Preparing Advisors for the Retirement Income Challenge

As Americans have become more self-reliant for their financial security in retirement, many are benefiting by working with a financial advisor. To support financial professionals with their important work, IRI has developed a suite of new resources.

Annuity Investors Overwhelming Satisfied; Complaints Declining

Posted on August 21, 2014

Arbitration data from FINRA dispels Wall Street Journal claim of rising complaints. Moreover, nine in 10 annuity owners are satisfied with their annuity-based investment.

Planning for a good chance of uncertainty

A reflection on National Retirement Planning Week and what Americans can do to plan for uncertainty moving forward.

That Crucial Retirement Plan Begins with Small Manageable Steps

Statistics regarding retirement readiness are alarming, but there's still hope many can enjoy a secure financial future. It all begins with creating a plan, and a financial professional can help break it down into manageable steps.

Retirement Resolutions

If you fell short on your financial-oriented New Year's resolution, you are not alone. But National Retirement Planning Week is a second chance to get back on track.

Misconceptions around the Affordable Care Act may derail boomers’ plans for funding long-term care costs

Many Americans mistakenly believe that long-term care is covered by the ACA and are not planning appropriately. Advisors have an opportunity to help clients navigate the new law. Here’s how to shape the conversation.

Life-Cycle Financial Planning

Risks change over time, but life-cycle financial planning can help you understand the dynamic nature of the financial risks presented and develop a plan that evolves to meet those changing needs.

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