Stand out among your peers and attract new business with a RICP™ designation.

This designation coursework offers the latest strategies for creating retirement income for your clients.

  • Ideas that are practical, relevant, and current: Because practitioner research is the foundation of this program, what you learn will be useful immediately in your practice.
  • Three in-depth courses: The material is presented at the right level of detail, covering the full retirement planning process and the best solutions to offer.
  • Innovative online video delivery: Rather than being built around a textbook, the RICP™ is built around the latest ideas and delivered through video interviews and lectures, all supported by a detailed outline that allows students to move through the program at their own pace.
  • An expanded team of experts: The program's developers are some of the top retirement planning experts in the country, and their work is supplemented by outside contributors who specialize in every important aspect of retirement income planning.

What you will learn from the RICP™ Program.

Retirement Income Process, Strategies, and Solutions (HS 353)

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Create an effective retirement income plan to maintain a client's desired lifestyle over the course of retirement;
  • Identify retirement income needs and objectives and evaluate the client's current situation relative to those goals;
  • Choose appropriate strategies to address income gaps;
  • Evaluate taxation, estate issues, and other risks to the retirement plan;
  • Prepare alternative solutions to mitigate plan risks;
  • Choose appropriate strategies for monetizing assets over the retirement period;
  • Customize and manage the plan during a client's retirement.


Sources of Retirement Income 
(HS 354)

The second of the program's three courses offers a deep dive into ways to generate retirement income. After completion, you can:
  • Recommend the optimal Social Security claiming age appropriate for each client's situation;
  • Maximize employer-provided retirement benefits;
  • Fully leverage individual retirement accounts and self-employed pension benefits
  • Choose appropriate uses of annuities;
  • Understand the best application of other savings approaches;
  • Select the right investment strategies for accumulating retirement assets.

Managing the Retirement Income Plan (HS 355)

The third course in the RICP™ series focuses on initial and ongoing retirement income plan management. This knowledge will help you:
  • Choose a tax-compliant and tax-efficient strategy for plan withdrawals from tax-advantaged plans;
  • Recommend the best health insurance options for clients;
  • Select a method for funding long-term care needs;
  • Help a client with retirement housing decisions;
  • Create and manage retirement income portfolios appropriate for each client's situation;
  • Identify ways to help clients create and maintain satisfaction in retirement.

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