Consumer Retirement Education Initiative

State insurance departments can now partner with IRI to share educational resources with consumers in their state.

As part of our commitment to educating consumers about retirement, the Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) has developed a robust library of consumer-oriented educational resources on a wide range of retirement planning and retirement income topics, many of which have been reviewed by FINRA for use by advisors with their clients. Through our Consumer Retirement Education Initiative, we are partnering with state insurance and securities regulators nationwide to make these resources available to as many people as possible. The ten most popular items are listed below, followed by our full catalog. We encourage you to review the list and contact us -- using the form below -- to obtain copies of any materials you would like to distribute to consumers in your state. We would also be happy to assist with the development of news releases you can use to distribute these resources. 

We also encourage you to check this page periodically, as we are always adding valuable new materials to the collection.

We look forward to working with you to advance this important initiative. If you have any questions, please contact Jason Berkowitz, IRI’s Vice President for Regulatory Affairs and Compliance.

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Top Ten Most Requested FINRA-Reviewed Materials

1. Tips For Consumers: Seven Steps For A Successful Financial Retirement Plan

2. Longevity: How It Impacts Your Retirement

3. Costs of Health Care in Retirement

4. Fact Sheet for Consumers - Basics of Investing

5. Managing Your Assets in Retirement

6. Fact Sheet for Consumers - Basics of Social Security 2013

7. Fact Sheet for Consumers - Understanding Living Benefit Guarantee Riders in Variable Annuities

8. Tips for Consumers - Understanding Annuity Fees

9. Tips for Investors: IRI Retirement Realities Checklist

10. Tips for Consumers - Six Important Questions to Ask when Purchasing an Annuity

Other Available FINRA-Reviewed Materials

11.Tips for Investors: IRI Retirement Realities Checklist for Women 

12. Fact Sheet for Consumers: Understanding Taxation of Annuity Benefit Payments

13. Tips for Consumers: Tips on Taking Withdrawals From An Annuity

14. Tips for Consumers - Fraud Prevention 

15. Fact Sheet For Consumers - Understanding Risk 2013

16. Tips For Investors - Retirement By The Numbers 2013 

17. Insight Article - Annuities As A Tool In Financial Management Assistance For Individuals With Cognitive Impairment 

18. Tips for Consumers - Basics of Medicare 

19. Fact Sheet for Consumers: Basics of Social Security 

20. Tips for Consumers: IRI Retirement Expectations Checklist for Generation X 

21. Tips for Consumers: Planning for Retiree Health Costs 

22. The Effects of Healthcare Costs on Portfolios

23. New Rules on Partial 1035 Exchanges

24. Middle-Income Boomers Need for Retirement Advice

25. Important Questions for Seniors to Ask When Considering an Annuity Purchase 

26. Tips for Investors: Retirement by the Numbers 2012 

27. Tips for Consumers: IRI Retirement Expectations Checklist 

28. Lord Abbett: The Ugly Side of the IRA 60-Day Rollover Rule

29. VAs Value Offsets Costs in an Uncertain World 

30. The Health and Wealth Puzzle for Retirees

31. Viewpoints: Women Advisors and Their Clients 

32. The Retirement Brain Game

33. Behind and Beyond the Year End Tax Compromise 

34. What to Look for When Buying a Variable Annuity 

35. Tips for Annual Annuity Withdrawals 

36. Turning Financial Stress Into Financial Freedom

37. Insight Article - Understanding the Impact of Revenue Ruling 

38.  Insight Article - Financial Planning in the New Normal 

39. Insight Article - Rebuilding Trust With Your Clients 

40. Insight Article - Getting Clients Back on Track

41. Insight Article - Proper Treatment of Annuities in Roth Conversion 

42. Insight Article - Getting the Most out of Social Security 

43. Tips for Consumers - Eight-Point Plan for Life-Long Financial Retirement Health

44. Tips for Consumers - The Top 10 Ways to Prepare for Retirement 

45. Tips for Consumers - IRI Life Changes Checklist

46. Insight Article - With Costs on the Rise, Social Security Likely Remains Flat

47. Tips for Consumers - Selecting an Advisor

48. Insight Article - Come 2010, Roth IRAs Are Available to All Investors

49. Tips for Consumers - Tips for Preparing For Tax Season

50. Insight Article - Thorough Due Diligence Deepens Network of Trust

51. Tips for Investors: Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Checklist
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